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Is Spring the Best Time to Sell Your Denver Home?

Posted on at 10:45 pm by Andrea Webber

Spring officially arrives this week, although this may be hard to believe after last week’s “bomb cyclone.” I am often asked: “What is the best time of the year to sell my Denver home?” While you will need to define “best” in your personal situation, the answer is simple for the busiest and strongest selling market: Spring.

The onset of the spring season signals the start of the busiest time in the Denver real estate market. There are more buyers looking for homes from March to early Ju…

Six Things to Consider When Choosing a Denver Neighborhood

Posted on at 11:36 pm by Andrea Webber

In many cases, selecting your ideal Denver neighborhood is as crucial as the actual home you purchase. The Denver metro real estate market is made up of many diverse neighborhoods – from eclectic urban areas to suburban neighborhoods with picturesque parks.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting your ideal Denver neighborhood:

Commute – Be honest with yourself. How long can you stand being in the car every day…twice a day. Is it an hour, 30 minutes, or ten minutes? The an…

Eight Tips to Avoid Real Estate Fraud

Posted on at 10:16 pm by Andrea Webber

Real estate fraud is on the rise. And, how about those nightmare stories you’ve heard about innocent, unsuspecting people wiring their life savings to fraudsters? Unfortunately, they are true. Thankfully, you can protect yourself from real estate fraud by doing your due diligence throughout a real estate transaction. Here are eight tips to protect yourself from real estate fraud:

Make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is secure when you send e-mails with secure information
Carefully inspec…

Denver Real Estate Market Update: January 2019

Posted on at 6:46 pm by Andrea Webber

LIV Sotheby’s International Realty compiles regular reports that provide valuable insight into the state of the Denver real estate market.

The most recent LIV Sotheby report, released last week, provides a solid snapshot of the Denver real estate market’s conditions at the end of 2018. While the buzz at the end of 2018 centered on a slowing Denver real estate market, LIV Sotheby’s report contradicts this sentiment.

Here are a few of the 2018 year-end report’s findings:

The De…

New Year’s Real Estate Resolutions

Posted on at 7:00 pm by Andrea Webber

‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions. Let’s face it, although you may have the best of intentions, it may not be feasible lose 20 pounds by March (although, all the power to you!). So, let’s take a look at a few reasonable real estate resolutions for homeowners and homebuyers to tackle during the first few months of 2019.

Check your credit – if you plan to enter the Denver real estate market as a homebuyer in 2019, it’s time to check on your credit score since it is crucia…

Is it Time to Downsize Your Denver Home?

Posted on at 8:39 pm by Andrea Webber

While the “American Dream” centers around increasing your home’s square footage and grandeur, downsizing is becoming increasingly popular. It not only allows for a simpler life but it eases pressure on bank accounts and monthly budgets. So, is it time for you to consider downsizing in Denver? Here are a few thoughts:

Do you really need all of that space? If you are officially an empty nester, you may no longer need all of that space. Or, you may want to make your life simpler and de c…

Columbine Country Club Classic Sold and Closed in 45 Days!

Posted on at 6:23 pm by Andrea Webber

People say that real estate isn’t always easy but this certainly wasn’t the case with my recent listing of 3 Brassie Way in Columbine Country Club. I really enjoyed working with my seller, Joyce, the longtime owner of the home. The home is a true Columbine Country Club classic, featuring views of the golf course, a spacious, tree-filled lot, and an idyllic park-like setting. And, best of all, the home was sold and closed in only 45 days!

Here’s what Joyce, the home’s charming seller, had …

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