Buyer Home Inspection – Pick Your Battles!

Posted on at 4:15 pm by Andrea Webber

We know that it’s all about negotiation when it comes down to buyer home inspection and many are worth the back and forth – if it’s a big item.

I always advise a seller to have a pre-inspection to get the heads up on attending to whatever can be fixed, and so do their best to head off the issues that could arise when a buyer sends in their own team to look over the home. It saves time and stress for both parties when the home goes under contract.

However, as a buyer in a buoyant seller’s market, it is often advisable to pick your battles over items that absolutely have to be rectified before closing, as opposed to small issues including:

  • Anything under $10 from the hardware store.
  • Unless in a new construction, an area of uneven paint.
  • Minor electrical or plumbing. Perhaps there is an upside-down electrical outlet, or a slightly corroded water line to a sink. A simple DIY / Handyman repair.
  • A hairline crack in the concrete driveway. It’s going to happen, even in relatively new construction.

For these, it’s often better to figure out a fair cost and ask for a credit at closing rather demand that the seller addresses them.

Your experienced Realtor will help you make an informed offer decision on the property by pointing out some issues that you may wish to negotiate on. If your inspection does come in with possible sewer, foundational, roofing, major plumbing or electrical red flags, a professional’s advice is always recommended before going forward. These items are a need-to-know, no matter how you are financing your home.


Your Realtor is your ally in helping you decide what is important to you when buying your new home. Contact me to find your perfect home and help navigate your way through your home buyer inspection to a successful closing.

… Andrea


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