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Should You Purchase or Rent a Home in Denver?

Posted on at 1:08 pm by Andrea Webber

It’s an age-old question: is it better to rent or buy a home in the Denver metro area? The average apartment rent in Denver is $1670 (according to Rent Café), which is a steep price, considering that you aren’t building any equity, or receiving a tax deduction. However, in certain situations, it might make more sense to rent versus buy. While I’m obviously in the business of buying and selling homes, I always want my clients to make the best decision. Here is the breakdown of the benefits…

Focus on the University Neighborhood

Posted on at 9:43 pm by Andrea Webber

Denver’s University neighborhood, commonly known as the “DU Neighborhood,” is a bustling community centered around the University of Denver, a well-regarded private college attracting students from across the country.

The University neighborhood is adjacent to the upscale University Park neighborhood and bounded by Downing Street to the West, I-25 to the north, University Boulevard to the east and Dartmouth and Amherst avenues to the south. The classic, historic neighborhood has the fee…

Companies Moving to Colorful Colorado!

Posted on at 7:32 pm by Andrea Webber

Companies Moving to Colorful Colorado!

Companies continue to move to Denver, Colorado. Why? Well, we have great weather, beautiful mountain views, plenty of cultural and recreational opportunities. And, we have JOBS!

More companies have announced plans to relocate to the Denver area over the past year. Here is a rundown of the companies that have recently expanded in or relocated to Colorado.

Amazon recently announced that it will create 400 tech jobs in Denver with a new downtown off…

Six Things to Consider When Choosing a Denver Neighborhood

Posted on at 11:36 pm by Andrea Webber

In many cases, selecting your ideal Denver neighborhood is as crucial as the actual home you purchase. The Denver metro real estate market is made up of many diverse neighborhoods – from eclectic urban areas to suburban neighborhoods with picturesque parks.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting your ideal Denver neighborhood:

Commute – Be honest with yourself. How long can you stand being in the car every day…twice a day. Is it an hour, 30 minutes, or ten minutes? The an…

Winter is Here! Is Your Denver Home Ready?

Posted on at 6:44 pm by Andrea Webber

Yes, the onset of winter can be exciting (we all love the new festive Starbucks cups and our cozy sweaters) but freezing temperatures can be hard on your home. Here are a few tips to combat the cold.

Weather stripping – prevent air leaks by heading to Home Depot to grab some weather stripping. Be sure to use it on your windows, doors, vents, fans, etc. Also, if the gaps on your windows and doors are wider than a nickel, you will need to apply exterior caulk.
Gutters – check all of yo…

Denver Real Estate Update: Fall 2018

Posted on at 2:48 pm by Andrea Webber

During this “spooky season,” I’ve been asked frequently how the Denver real estate market is faring? LIV Sotheby’s International Realty compiles regular reports that provide valuable insight into the state of the Denver real estate market. The most recent third quarter LIV Sotheby report, released in mid-October, gives a solid analysis of the current Denver real estate market conditions from January 2018-September 2018. Here are a few of the report’s findings:

For January through Sep…

Should Higher Interest Rates Scare Away Denver Homebuyers?

Posted on at 1:04 pm by Andrea Webber

This October, Wall Street is certainly getting spooked by rising interest rates but what does this mean for potential Denver homebuyers? Should they should they be scared away the Denver real estate market?

Many economists agree that mortgage rates will peak around five percent this year but historically, this is a low rate. Mortgage rates were above the 10 percent mark in the 1980s and fluctuated between six and eight percent in the 1990s. Now, these are scary numbers!

While rising intere…

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