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Denver Real Estate Market

Posted on at 5:40 pm by Andrea Webber

Denver Real Estate Market

It’s still all good news! The Denver real estate market is one of the 28 cities still growing and could realize yet another year of high appreciation. For lower-priced properties (up to $500,000), competition to purchase is fierce and inventory is only around a one-month supply.

In the luxury market ($650,000 +), homes do take longer to sell and obviously the more expensive the home, the smaller the buyer pool is. When we get into the seven-figure homes, the les…

Bitcoin Home Sale

Posted on at 8:35 pm by Andrea Webber

Bitcoin Home Sale


Sotheby’s International Realty recently announced having facilitated a first U.S. bitcoin home sale on a dollar value of a single bitcoin equalling $3,429.

The sale of the home in Austin, Texas, (price not disclosed) was based on the value of cryptocurrency backed by an online ledger called the blockchain.

One of the first purchases people make with their bitcoin windfall – a home!

Some lenders do allow borrowing against cryptocurrency … careful, thoug…

Focus on Cherry Hills Village, Denver

Posted on at 3:25 pm by Andrea Webber

Focus on Cherry Hills Village, Denver

History of Cherry Hills Village, Denver. In 1938 a number of ‘Country Homes’ were built in what became known as ‘The Circle’ – the area lying south of Hampden Avenue and west of University Boulevard. This picturesque area immediately began to attract commercialization. The Cherry Hills Improvement Association was formed to protect this beautiful enclave from inconsistent use of land.

Survivors of the Great Depression, The Cherry Hills Country C…

Reasons To Use A Real Estate Agent

Posted on at 2:15 pm by Andrea Webber

Reasons to Use A Real Estate Agent

How difficult can selling a home possibly be? What are the reasons to use a real estate agent when you could save that 6% commission? It’s a buoyant market after all, and buyers are falling over themselves to procure a home in your neighborhood.

If the process is not handled correctly by someone skilled in the do’s and don’ts of selling a home, issues can come back to bite – hard.


A Realtor has access to specialized software t…

Focus on Vail Valley

Posted on at 5:42 pm by Andrea Webber

History of Vail Valley

From 1854 to 1856, Irishman George Gore (aka Lord Gore) and frontiersman Jim Bridger were among the first explorers to discover the majestic beauty of the mountains northwest of what is now known as Vail Valley.

As news spread that the mountains contained both gold and silver, fortune seekers set up mines and railroads, displacing the Ute Native Americans from their lands. In an act of retribution, the Ute set fire to thousands of acres of trees, creating the…

Focus on Columbine Country Club, Littleton Colorado

Posted on at 1:11 pm by Andrea Webber

Columbine Country Club, Littleton Colorado. The history and lifestyle.
1955 saw the establishment of the Columbine Country Club, Littleton Colorado, a championship golf course community with around 200 homesites in the quiet enclave provided by the old 295-acre Heckendorf Farm. The 17 founding members selected this site in the South Platte River Valley just west of Old Town Littleton for its natural beauty, a winding river and open views of the Rocky Mountain Foothills. Using the Colorado State…

Rising Mortgage Rates

Posted on at 1:52 pm by Andrea Webber

Economists warn that rising mortgage rates could have a big impact on buyers shopping for real estate. Every increase in interest rate will exclude a percentage of buyers from becoming owners, especially first-time purchasers. Many have been sitting on the fence on buying while the interest rates have remained so low but seeing home prices rise by double digits per year in some major cities.

The addition of a new cap on the mortgage interest deduction and an additional new cap on state and lo…

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