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Next Generation Luxury Home Buyers

Posted on at 1:02 pm by Andrea Webber

What do the next generation luxury home buyers want? Pretty much everything!

Luxury Portfolio International has dubbed this average age of 37 homebuyers with young families “the new aristocracy.”  Parents of a certain net worth are choosing to gift at least part of an eventual inheritance to allow their grown children to get a good head start in real estate. Luxury real estate, that is.

Having grown up around luxury and branding, the new aristocracy understands that the same applies t…

Tesla Solar Roof – The Green Home of the Future

Posted on at 6:15 pm by Andrea Webber

Got a green, dream home? It’s what buyers are increasingly looking for.

A Tesla solar roof may be pricey, but it could rapidly become a ‘must-have’ in the luxury home market for those seeking energy freedom with the off-the-grid lifestyle. In the State of Colorado, we enjoy up to 250 annual days of sunshine, so why not take advantage of it to power your property?

You probably didn’t do it so far because of aesthetics. However, if you think that going solar means large, ugly panels o…

Buyer Home Inspection – Pick Your Battles!

Posted on at 4:15 pm by Andrea Webber

We know that it’s all about negotiation when it comes down to buyer home inspection and many are worth the back and forth – if it’s a big item.

I always advise a seller to have a pre-inspection to get the heads up on attending to whatever can be fixed, and so do their best to head off the issues that could arise when a buyer sends in their own team to look over the home. It saves time and stress for both parties when the home goes under contract.

However, as a buyer in a buoyant sell…

Fall Home Decor for Your Colorado Home

Posted on at 12:28 pm by Andrea Webber

Nothing says fall home décor better than fall. This beautiful time of year in Colorado speaks loudly under crisp, blue skies; trees of gold, orange and red; and road trips to the mountains to enjoy the splendor of changing and the sound of the bugling elk.

No matter how large or small your home, and with so much inspiration just outside the front door, it’s easy to bring the Colorado fall into your home decor. From DIY crafts to the purchase of fall accessories, there are so many ways th…

Denver Holiday Events 2017

Posted on at 2:25 pm by Andrea Webber

Denver Holiday Events 2017 Program Is here!
As always, we have a ton of fun happening in the Mile High City over the holidays and some great causes to support – so save your dates for the Denver holiday events 2017 season!

Pie In The Sky
Buy delicious Thanksgiving pies in a fundraiser for Project Angel’s Pie In The Sky to help provide nutrition for our neighbors suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses.

November …

US Ski Team Trains at Copper Mountain Speed Center

Posted on at 2:18 pm by Andrea Webber

The snowmaking team at Copper Mountain Speed Center is again working around the clock to overcome the lack of snow to accommodate the opening of the US Ski Team Speed Center. Six years in, this world-class training venue has helped propel the U.S. Ski Team athletes to dominate the sport.

In 2011, Copper Mountain became an official US Ski Team downhill training venue with the opening of the US Ski Team Speed Center at Copper Mountain. Racers can clock speeds of up to 75 mph on this course, so…

The Adoption Exchange

Posted on at 10:19 am by Andrea Webber

Since 1983, The Adoption Exchange has assisted in connecting more than 8,500 children with permanent, loving families. Some children have the good fortune to be adopted by other family members, be cared for by grandparents, or be adopted by their foster care family. Other children are not so fortunate and thousands every year in the US wait in the foster care system to be adopted.

As a child becomes older, their options become increasingly limited and diminished. These are the children that T…

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