Denver Real Estate Market

Posted on at 5:40 pm by Andrea Webber

Denver Real Estate Market

It’s still all good news! The Denver real estate market is one of the 28 cities still growing and could realize yet another year of high appreciation. For lower-priced properties (up to $500,000), competition to purchase is fierce and inventory is only around a one-month supply.

In the luxury market ($650,000 +), homes do take longer to sell and obviously the more expensive the home, the smaller the buyer pool is. When we get into the seven-figure homes, the less the appreciation has been.

So, how do you sell your multi-million dollar home within your time frame?

Firstly, find a Broker who knows what it takes to price and showcase a luxury property. If you have an above-market price in mind and insist on it going for it, your property will languish on the market for months or even years. The best of Brokers do all of the research and give you the best of advice.

Look at the property through objective eyes. What would be your first impression? It can take as little as twenty seconds for a buyer to subliminally make up their mind. Does the home need painting, stucco fixing, stonework maintenance? Are lawn, trees, and shrubs well-cared for?

So your own objectivity passed the exterior twenty seconds test? Let’s go indoors!

The biggie is generally clutter. It’s not to you, but it will be to a buyer. This is the time to box up and store. Photos down. Books kept to an innocuous minimum. It’s well worth it the effort – and makes moving easier when the day comes.

Clean. Professionally. (Then clean some more!) Carpets, windows, lighting fixtures and switches. The more those countertops sparkle, the better.

Fix all those ‘issues’ you just got used to living with. The upside down electrical socket, the fireplace that doesn’t turn on, the temperamental burner on the stove-top and that loose faucet in the owner’s suite. It will all be picked up by any good Inspector.

Staging. Just the moving of one or two pieces of furniture can make all the difference as to how the home is perceived with light and space. I offer my clients an expert stager for an hour consultation.

Contact me for a full consultation of what it takes to sell in the luxury Denver real estate market.






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