Is it Time to Downsize Your Denver Home?

Posted on at 8:39 pm by Andrea Webber

While the “American Dream” centers around increasing your home’s square footage and grandeur, downsizing is becoming increasingly popular. It not only allows for a simpler life but it eases pressure on bank accounts and monthly budgets. So, is it time for you to consider downsizing in Denver? Here are a few thoughts:

  • Do you really need all of that space? If you are officially an empty nester, you may no longer need all of that space. Or, you may want to make your life simpler and de clutter. If you do decide to downsize, consider how often you have guests to ensure you have ample space for them.
  • Are you tired of all of the maintenance? Owning a large home can be extremely burdensome – the landscaping, the cleaning, the maintenance, the list goes on. If your home’s maintenance has become too much, it may be time to downsize.
  • Are your housing costs and maintenance costs constantly increasing? If your housing costs are always on the rise, it may be time to downsize to ease the pressure on your monthly budget.
  • Are your housing costs too much? if you need to increase the size of your savings account, it may be time to downsize. Or, if your housing costs are exceeding 30 percent of your monthly income, you may want to consider finding a less expensive home.
  • Are your high housing costs preventing you from enjoying life’s luxuries? Reducing your housing costs would allow you more funds to enjoy the fun things in life, including traveling, cultural experiences, etc.
  • Do you want to live closer to the city? If you want to avoid traffic and be closer to the center of Denver, you may want to consider a smaller home since your money buys less square footage the closer you get to Denver.

For more tips on downsizing in the Denver area, please contact Andrea Webber at 303-475-7057. I have assisted many clients with successfully downsizing their Denver homes and would love to help you.

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