Fall Home Decor for Your Colorado Home

Posted on at 12:28 pm by Andrea Webber

Nothing says fall home décor better than fall. This beautiful time of year in Colorado speaks loudly under crisp, blue skies; trees of gold, orange and red; and road trips to the mountains to enjoy the splendor of changing and the sound of the bugling elk.

No matter how large or small your home, and with so much inspiration just outside the front door, it’s easy to bring the Colorado fall into your home decor. From DIY crafts to the purchase of fall accessories, there are so many ways that you can go dizzy just wondering where to start on Thanksgiving decorating.


Are you going for a traditional look, something whimsical or perhaps country-style? Once you have decided, then work out a color scheme to carry into your kitchen, dining room, living room and hostess bathroom. Color schemes work best when they run throughout the house rather than pick one here and one there. Just change the amount of and shade of each color.


Give your guests that warm and toasty feeling even before they step in through your front door. Line up lanterns and scatter pumpkins and gourds along a walkway, hang a fall wreath or perhaps a Welcome sign set into a wreath.


As a broker, I advise clients not to go with the spray scent or scented candles as it looks (or rather smells like) you are trying to mask another odor. However, at this time of year, a few candles placed around the house can give a wonderful feeling of home. Just make sure they are all the same flavor! The scent of pumpkin on entering followed a plethora of various kinds of cookie, apple, etc., is confusing to the nostrils.


Beautiful displays on the table are a must – and they do not have to cost a small fortune. Cut big leaves from felt and place them on the table to form a runner. Use mason jars to hold candles and leaves.

However you decide to decide to use fall home décor to bring the warmth of season in, I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!




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