Focus on Bow Mar, Littleton Colorado

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Focus On Bow Mar, Littleton Colorado

How Bow Mar, Littleton Colorado got its name. The history began in the late 19th century. Developed as an agricultural area, it became home to the farms of Joseph Bowles and John Marston, providing food for both Littleton and Denver.

Post World War II, the farmland was purchased to develop single-family housing and became incorporated as a town in its own right in 1958.

Bow Mar homes were originally built around a Frank Lloyd Wright prairie-style design, but today many lots are being taken for new construction. All homes are limited to one story tall, allowing for the beauty of the tree-lined avenues to speak for themselves.

Bow Mar, Littleton CO real estateThe official lake of Bow Mar is Bowles –  the town’s centerpiece – offering year-round recreation of swimming, sailing, skating, and fishing. Summer sees concerts and neighborhood events.

Nearby Marston lake is Denver’s largest reservoir and home to a bird sanctuary housing Bald Eagles and Blue Heron who will regularly be seen on their missions in the sky. As fishing is not allowed in Marston, the brown trout grow to full 4’ length and can be seen exuberantly leaping.

Bow Mar, Littleton Colorado does not live under a regular HOA. Contributions are voluntary and made through joining the Bow Mar Beach Club to enjoy all that the town has to offer in getting together with neighbors and friends.

Nearby favorite restaurants in Littleton include:

Wild Ginger



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(There are too many to mention!)

With all major stores just a short drive away from this country-feel environment, the tucked away urban enclave of Bow Mar, Littleton Colorado has it all!

Contact me. As a resident, I can help you find your perfect Bow Mar home.


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