Focus on Cherry Hills Village, Denver

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Focus on Cherry Hills Village, Denver

History of Cherry Hills Village, Denver. In 1938 a number of ‘Country Homes’ were built in what became known as ‘The Circle’ – the area lying south of Hampden Avenue and west of University Boulevard. This picturesque area immediately began to attract commercialization. The Cherry Hills Improvement Association was formed to protect this beautiful enclave from inconsistent use of land.

Survivors of the Great Depression, The Cherry Hills Country Club began to gain more recognition and memberships, attracting more residents to the area. Schools began to grow, reflecting the demographics of the area. The Hickerson Mansion became St Mary’s Academy, and the very notable college-prep Kent Denver is a stone’s throw from Cherry Hills homes, but many do choose to enroll family members in the highly-rated public schools in the area.

10 Cherry Hills Park Dr Cherry Hills Village, Colorado 80113 United States

Cherry Hills is also a city of artists. The character of the Village has been shaped by designers and those working in the Media. 90% compared to any other community in the United States. Many of our Colorado sports heroes also are drawn to the privacy of Cherry Hills gated communities or hard-to-find exquisite estates tucked away on the semi-rural roads that the area affords.

Due to the neighborhood security, yet with proximity to neighbors, Cherry Hills Village, Denver is a highly sought-after area within an urban environment that is somehow mingled with the country. Equestrian also provides desirability – with up to 10 acres, but as with many properties in the area, knowledge is everything as to what may be available or coming up available.

With my finger on the pulse of highly-sought after Cherry Hills Village Denver, I have access to pre-listing information.

To buy or sell your Cherry Hills estate, contact me for a no-obligation consultation.

… Andrea

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