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History of Vail Valley


From 1854 to 1856, Irishman George Gore (aka Lord Gore) and frontiersman Jim Bridger were among the first explorers to discover the majestic beauty of the mountains northwest of what is now known as Vail Valley.

As news spread that the mountains contained both gold and silver, fortune seekers set up mines and railroads, displacing the Ute Native Americans from their lands. In an act of retribution, the Ute set fire to thousands of acres of trees, creating the deforestation that became the famous Black Bowls.

Once mining had depleted the mineral resources, sheep ranching took over until 1939 when Charles Vail, the project engineer for Highway 6 began construction. No prizes for guessing who Vail Valley, Vail Pass and the town of Vail are named for!

World War II made the Vail area into backcountry survival training for the Army’s Tenth Mountain Division, frequented by Pete Seibert who returned with fellow troopers and a vision. The vision was a mountain ski community. Along with uranium prospector Earl Eaton, they teamed up to draw up the plans and began construction in 1962, incorporating the town of Vail in 1966.

It was not long before discerning skiers discovered Vail with its first gondola in the US, double chairlifts and six miles of beautiful terrain. The area became, even more, the ‘it’ place to be seen on skis after Vail homeowner Gerald Ford became President of the United States in 1974.

Vail Valley Real Estate

Vail Valley and the town of Vail have seen many changes over the years with 2005 seeing the beginning of a billion dollar renewal using both private and public sector funds, ensuring the area’s place as the Premier International Mountain Resort Community.

Vail Valley is not just for enjoying the powder. Summer at 8022 ft is a destination for golfing, hiking and cultural festivals.

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Hungry? Mountain Standard, Matsuhisa, Sweet Basil (reopening in the summer) and Up The Creek can help

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