New Year’s Real Estate Resolutions

Posted on at 7:00 pm by Andrea Webber

‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions. Let’s face it, although you may have the best of intentions, it may not be feasible lose 20 pounds by March (although, all the power to you!). So, let’s take a look at a few reasonable real estate resolutions for homeowners and homebuyers to tackle during the first few months of 2019.

  • Check your credit – if you plan to enter the Denver real estate market as a homebuyer in 2019, it’s time to check on your credit score since it is crucial to your home buying success. If there is an issue with your credit, focus on fixing it.
  • Pre-approval – Once you have your finances in order, get pre-approval from a mortgage lender. This will make the purchasing process much easier.
  • Find a Realtor – If you plan to buy or sell a Denver home, you will want to find a trusted real estate partner with thorough knowledge of your neighborhood. Ask friends for referrals and do your research on experienced Realtors in your neighborhood.
  • Come up with a plan – The peak real estate season usually runs from early winter to spring so you may want to strike during this period. Your Realtor will help you determine the optimal time to purchase or sell your Denver home. Keep in mind, there is quite a bit of prep work involved with buying or selling a home, so you will need to allow for plenty of prep time.
  • Do your research – it’s never too early to start your research to determine your target neighborhood, your ideal floorplan, etc. Any research you put in upfront will greatly ease your home buying experience.

If you are interested in purchasing or selling a Denver home in 2019, please contact Andrea Webber at (303) 475-7057.

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