Next Generation Luxury Home Buyers

Posted on at 1:02 pm by Andrea Webber

What do the next generation luxury home buyers want? Pretty much everything!

Luxury Portfolio International has dubbed this average age of 37 homebuyers with young families “the new aristocracy.”  Parents of a certain net worth are choosing to gift at least part of an eventual inheritance to allow their grown children to get a good head start in real estate. Luxury real estate, that is.

Having grown up around luxury and branding, the new aristocracy understands that the same applies to quality in both property and choice of broker, and brokerage to represent them. With the addition of recent gains on the stock market, they are exceptionally well-positioned to demand the very best.

Seeking urban homes of up to 5000 square feet (or larger), in either single family or condo, our next generation luxury homebuyers trend toward contemporary in style with large windows creating light-filled spaces and an open floor plan. Spaces for specific uses are important, including traditional dining, home offices, playroom, home theater, exercise facility and possibly a pool either indoor or out.










Technology is very important. Home automation and ease of controllability of the home from indoors or from away is high on the must-have list – from security and temperature control to scheduling irrigation from a smartphone and electric vehicle charging capability.

How to position your luxury home for this new generation of luxury homebuyers or how to find your new home as we enter the busiest selling season of the year?

Bring a representative on board who understands this changing market, and who can help your property attract a new owner. Most homes can be easily updated to create the sense of a perfect living space and of the lifestyle convenience in demand with just a few small touches.

Contact me for a no-obligation consultation to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to sell your home.

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