Reasons To Use A Real Estate Agent

Posted on at 2:15 pm by Andrea Webber

Reasons to Use A Real Estate Agent


How difficult can selling a home possibly be? What are the reasons to use a real estate agent when you could save that 6% commission? It’s a buoyant market after all, and buyers are falling over themselves to procure a home in your neighborhood.

If the process is not handled correctly by someone skilled in the do’s and don’ts of selling a home, issues can come back to bite – hard.


A Realtor has access to specialized software to correctly price a home from recent sales. Looking through current listings online is not accurate data. The Zillow Zestimate is an algorithm. Zillow has not been to your home and they are not going to make an offer for it. Your Realtor can lay hands on all of the information through services not available to anyone without a real estate license.

Is your home staged? We all assume that our home will show perfectly just the way it is because we love it the way it is, right? Wrong. A top-tier Realtor will probably be willing to bring along an experienced stager/organizer – complimentary for an hour – to advise on de-cluttering, placement of existing furnishings, paint colors and faucet finishes to make the home ‘pop.’

First impressions! Unless a homeowner is a very experienced photographer in both still and video – and now drone – this will be an expense. One that your Realtor typically covers, as with all marketing.

So, how to market the property? Realtors know how to get the word out to other Realtors and how to gain exposure through special arrangements with Media outlets.

Negotiation? Multiple offers? How to ascertain the one most likely to close? Hint: it’s not always the highest one. There are many factors to consider.

The dreaded Inspection. Your Realtor will probably guide you to a reputable company for a pre-inspection and have an arsenal of tried and trusted contractors to fix all those little things that would otherwise sit in a buyer’s mind as ‘negotiation points.’

Did the house appraise? Who will handle the closing? What is the protocol?

These are your reasons to use a real estate agent rather than try and go it alone. The final sales price will generally outweigh that 6% commission and take away a great deal of the stress involved in moving home.

Contact me for a free consultation on positioning your home for sale.

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