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Focus on Columbine Country Club, Littleton Colorado

Posted on at 1:11 pm by Andrea Webber

Columbine Country Club, Littleton Colorado. The history and lifestyle.
1955 saw the establishment of the Columbine Country Club, Littleton Colorado, a championship golf course community with around 200 homesites in the quiet enclave provided by the old 295-acre Heckendorf Farm. The 17 founding members selected this site in the South Platte River Valley just west of Old Town Littleton for its natural beauty, a winding river and open views of the Rocky Mountain Foothills. Using the Colorado State…

Focus on Bow Mar, Littleton Colorado

Posted on at 10:01 am by Andrea Webber

Focus On Bow Mar, Littleton Colorado

How Bow Mar, Littleton Colorado got its name. The history began in the late 19th century. Developed as an agricultural area, it became home to the farms of Joseph Bowles and John Marston, providing food for both Littleton and Denver.

Post World War II, the farmland was purchased to develop single-family housing and became incorporated as a town in its own right in 1958.

Bow Mar homes were originally built around a Frank Lloyd Wright prairie-style des…

Colorado Ski Resort Lack of Powder brings out Kindness of Heart

Posted on at 11:20 am by Andrea Webber

It’s been a slow start to our ski season this year. However, the Colorado Ski Resort lack of powder this season brought communities together. In our High Country, business and churches have been helping young seasonal workers by hosting weekly hot, nutritious meals. depending on the snowfall for a paycheck.

“It’s a tough time of the year for those who have come expecting to make a living and there’s no snow,” says the Rev. Claire McNulty-Drewes whose church in downtown Breckenridge…

Buyer Home Inspection – Pick Your Battles!

Posted on at 4:15 pm by Andrea Webber

We know that it’s all about negotiation when it comes down to buyer home inspection and many are worth the back and forth – if it’s a big item.

I always advise a seller to have a pre-inspection to get the heads up on attending to whatever can be fixed, and so do their best to head off the issues that could arise when a buyer sends in their own team to look over the home. It saves time and stress for both parties when the home goes under contract.

However, as a buyer in a buoyant sell…

LIV Sotheby’s International Realty, LIV to Give

Posted on at 1:48 pm by Andrea Webber

LIV Sotheby’s International Realty, LIV to Give
President, Scott Webber, rallied LIV Sotheby’s International Realty, LIV to Give into action to help in the wake of devastating Hurricane Harvey. On August 25th, the most powerful storm in twelve years to make landfall over the US did so over southern Texas. Releasing up 52” rain, the storm caused catastrophic flooding, creating the displacement of over 30,000 people and massive property damage. Rebuilding may take over a decade to accomplish,…

To Remodel – Or Not To Remodel

Posted on at 6:03 pm by Andrea Webber

Does the remodeling of certain rooms help sell your home, and do you recoup the cost? The former, obviously yes – the latter not so much.

If you are intending to continue to live in your home and need to remodel to keep up with changing needs (and styles), go ahead! However, do not look at it as making an investment. Seldom does any money put into a property bring in a return – other than owner satisfaction. If you are looking to move within five to seven years, be careful not to ‘upgra…

Home Buyers To Take Possession Before Closing? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Posted on at 3:58 pm by Andrea Webber

Allowing your home buyers to take possession before closing?

It’s just a few days or a couple of weeks early, so what could be the harm in that?
More Than You Think!
You are well past all the objection deadlines and have moved out. Your buyer has already become emotionally attached to their prospective new home and can’t wait to move in, but the potential legal, insurance and repair issues of allowing them to do so before closing could carry serious ramifications.

“Can We Start…

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