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21 Brookhaven Trail | Littleton CO

Posted on at 4:10 pm by Andrea Webber

Located in Brookhaven, one of Littleton’s’ finest neighborhoods, this home is a celebration of quality and style. Spacious rooms at every turn with quality outdoor living at its finest….

Next Generation Luxury Home Buyers

Posted on at 1:02 pm by Andrea Webber

What do the next generation luxury home buyers want? Pretty much everything!

Luxury Portfolio International has dubbed this average age of 37 homebuyers with young families “the new aristocracy.”  Parents of a certain net worth are choosing to gift at least part of an eventual inheritance to allow their grown children to get a good head start in real estate. Luxury real estate, that is.

Having grown up around luxury and branding, the new aristocracy understands that the same applies t…

Colorado Ski Resort Lack of Powder brings out Kindness of Heart

Posted on at 11:20 am by Andrea Webber

It’s been a slow start to our ski season this year. However, the Colorado Ski Resort lack of powder this season brought communities together. In our High Country, business and churches have been helping young seasonal workers by hosting weekly hot, nutritious meals. depending on the snowfall for a paycheck.

“It’s a tough time of the year for those who have come expecting to make a living and there’s no snow,” says the Rev. Claire McNulty-Drewes whose church in downtown Breckenridge…

What You Don’t Know About Your Colorado Luxury Real Estate Broker

Posted on at 5:36 pm by Andrea Webber

What You Don’t Know About Your Colorado Luxury Real Estate Broker

Hire a Colorado luxury real estate broker or go with one of many inexpensive options in hiring representation to sell your home while the market is on the up-and-up? Depending on the area, a simple ‘Coming Soon’ sign may clinch a deal before the home even hits the Internet. This is all very good. You, the client, got instant gratification at low cost.

However, markets are cyclical and when the market turns a little mor…

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Appraisal-Free Mortgages

Posted on at 4:41 pm by Andrea Webber

Great news for Buyers and Sellers? Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae appraisal-free mortgages are alleviating the cumbersome process of property purchase by eliminating the need for lenders to use a traditional appraisal when underwriting certain loans.

As of September 1st, Freddie Mac will use an automatic collateral evaluation (ACE) to determine an estimated value submitted by a lender that can substitute for a traditional, hands on appraisal.

Designed to aid buyers in purchasing lower loan-to…

Home Buyers To Take Possession Before Closing? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Posted on at 3:58 pm by Andrea Webber

Allowing your home buyers to take possession before closing?

It’s just a few days or a couple of weeks early, so what could be the harm in that?
More Than You Think!
You are well past all the objection deadlines and have moved out. Your buyer has already become emotionally attached to their prospective new home and can’t wait to move in, but the potential legal, insurance and repair issues of allowing them to do so before closing could carry serious ramifications.

“Can We Start…

Things Buyers should forget in a Hot Denver Real Estate Market

Posted on at 11:23 am by Andrea Webber

I think that we have all noticed that the Denver Real Estate Market is absolutely on fire right now. Properties (priced right) are going under contract in a matter of days so, as a Buyer, how do you score your new home?
Forget non-professional advice
Just because a house on the street where your cousin’s home is located was recently listed for $825K does not mean that it sold for $825K. It may still be sitting on the market at $825K – typically because it is overpriced. A professional know…

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