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Wooded Hangen Ranch Retreat | Evergreen CO

Posted on at 5:21 pm by Andrea Webber

With proximity to Evergreen, highly-rated schools, and deer foraging nearby, your home has all you need to enjoy the best of Colorado….

To Remodel – Or Not To Remodel

Posted on at 6:03 pm by Andrea Webber

Does the remodeling of certain rooms help sell your home, and do you recoup the cost? The former, obviously yes – the latter not so much.

If you are intending to continue to live in your home and need to remodel to keep up with changing needs (and styles), go ahead! However, do not look at it as making an investment. Seldom does any money put into a property bring in a return – other than owner satisfaction. If you are looking to move within five to seven years, be careful not to ‘upgra…

Home Buyers To Take Possession Before Closing? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Posted on at 3:58 pm by Andrea Webber

Allowing your home buyers to take possession before closing?

It’s just a few days or a couple of weeks early, so what could be the harm in that?
More Than You Think!
You are well past all the objection deadlines and have moved out. Your buyer has already become emotionally attached to their prospective new home and can’t wait to move in, but the potential legal, insurance and repair issues of allowing them to do so before closing could carry serious ramifications.

“Can We Start…


Posted on at 11:47 am by Andrea Webber

FSBO in the luxury home market? Why hand over somewhere between 5.6% – 7% of the sale price to a broker? It’s tempting when that chunk of change could be north of $60,000.

However, before making the decision to go it alone with a For Sale by Owner sign in the front yard, I would like to help by passing on some of the recognized pitfalls for a seller choosing this route.

Without the same access to the data a licensed broker has, it is not so easy to come up with an accurate listing price….

“But my Zestimate is higher than that …”

Posted on at 10:40 am by Andrea Webber

Pricing your home to sell via a Zestimate

The biggest single reason that a home does not sell is because it is incorrectly priced for the location and/or its condition. This is not to say that a Zillow Zestimate is always wrong. If there has been a certain amount of transactions in a neighborhood with conforming properties, a Zestimate is going to be close.

However, in a locale with very few recent sales, and especially in the luxury market, those Zestimates can be off by up to $200,000 to…

Luxury Home Pre-Listing Home Inspection – Why Should You Do It?

Posted on at 4:01 pm by Andrea Webber

As of now, it is a Seller’s market in the Denver Metro Area like none before so why would you need a luxury home pre-listing home inspection? With very low inventory, buyers are absolutely jumping on any home in their price range that comes on the market, creating bidding wars like those seen in the Bay Area.

How Long Will This Insanely Great Market Last?

I don’t know. What I do know, however, is that when it comes to buyer financing, banks still look at the details rather more than Bu…

Denver Metro Luxury Housing Market 2017

Posted on at 6:12 pm by Andrea Webber

Still-low interest rates and post-election stability all add up to one thing. The Denver metro luxury housing market 2017 is on the move – upward!

“New listings came on the market at a quick pace in January, with almost 200 homes listed over $1M,” said LIV Sotheby’s International Realty president, Scott Webber. “There were 72 sales, and inventory increased for the first time in four months.”

Total sales volume in the Denver metro luxury housing market was up a massive 17% with th…

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