Winter is Here! Is Your Denver Home Ready?

Posted on at 6:44 pm by Andrea Webber

Yes, the onset of winter can be exciting (we all love the new festive Starbucks cups and our cozy sweaters) but freezing temperatures can be hard on your home. Here are a few tips to combat the cold.

  • Weather stripping – prevent air leaks by heading to Home Depot to grab some weather stripping. Be sure to use it on your windows, doors, vents, fans, etc. Also, if the gaps on your windows and doors are wider than a nickel, you will need to apply exterior caulk.
  • Gutters – check all of your gutters to make sure they are free of those beautiful autumn leaves and other debris. If they are blocked, it will cause problems that may result in costly repairs.
  • Furnace maintenance – your furnace might not always first item you think of that needs maintenance (yes, pedicures are much more fun!) but an investment in furnace maintenance is worthwhile. For around $100, a professional can check it over and make sure it is running properly. Additionally, be sure and change your filter during the cold winter months since a dirty filter will decrease energy efficiency.
  • Pipes – since a broken pipe can cause thousands of dollars of damage, pay close attention to preventing freezes. If you leave the house, be sure and leave the heat running so your home stays warm. Also, leave a few faucets dripping so the water continues to flow.
  • Ceiling Fan – it’s time to turn your ceiling fan in the reverse direction (clockwise) once you start to run the furnace, especially if you have high ceilings. Ceiling fans can push warm air down and decrease your energy bill.

These simple steps will allow you to enjoy the fun part of winter and avoid timely and costly repairs. For more tips on getting your Denver home ready for winter please contact Andrea Webber at 303.457.7057.

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